"Telephone Scam Alert"


DATE:  September 4, 2014


Macon County Stateís Attorney Jay Scott announced today that Macon County residents are again being targeted with a common telephone scam.  The callers claim to be from reputable computer companies, advising that a problem has been detected on the victimís home computer.  Oftentimes the callers will walk the victims through a series of steps on their computer which will make it appear as though a problem actually does exist.  The callers then offer to fix the non-existent problem for a fee, and request a credit card number to secure payment.  Residents are advised to hang up if one of these calls is received, and to never give out personal information such as bank account, credit card, or social security numbers to unknown callers.




                                                                                                Jay Scott

                                                                                                Macon County Stateís Attorney