DATE:  April 16, 2015


Macon County State’s Attorney Jay Scott and Macon County Sheriff Thomas Schneider announced today that Macon County Senior Citizens are currently being targeted by a common telephone scam.  Residents are receiving recorded “robo” calls claiming to be in response to a request they made for more information for free medical equipment or supplies, such as a back brace.  The goal of these calls is to obtain personal information, such as Medicare or Social Security Numbers, or bank or credit card account numbers, so that the scammers can commit the crime of Identity Theft. 


Residents are advised to hang up if one of these calls is received and to never give any type of personal information to an unknown solicitor.  If you suspect a scam is being attempted or has been committed, please call the Elder Fraud Hotline at 217-615-7582.  All calls are answered by State’s Attorney Jay Scott or Sheriff Thomas Schneider.





                                                                                                Jay Scott

                                                                                                Macon County State’s Attorney