DATE: October 7, 2015



Macon County State's Attorney Jay Scott and Sheriff Thomas Schneider announced today that Macon County residents are being hit with a new telephone scam. The callers target students, advising the victims that they have been awarded a scholarship worth several thousand dollars to the college of their choice. As with many other frauds, the scammers direct the victims to put money on a prepaid debit card, and to call back and provide the card numbers.  Once the scammers have the card numbers the money is theirs, it cannot be recovered, and no scholarship money will be received.


Scott and Schneider also stated that residents continue to be the target of older scams, especially those from callers claiming to be from the Internal Revenue Service threatening a lawsuit or arrest for tax debts, and from callers claiming to be from a computer company offering to fix problems detected on victims' home computers.


Residents are advised to hang up if one of these calls is received, and to ignore any answering machine messages of this type. If you suspect a scam is about to be or has been committed, please call the Elder Fraud Hotline at 217-615-7582. All calls are answered by State's Attorney Jay Scott or Sheriff Thomas Schneider. For more information on scams, please visit the State's Attorney’s website at



Jay Scott

                                                                                                Macon County State's Attorney