DATE:  December 9, 2014


Macon County State’s Attorney Jay Scott and Sheriff Thomas Schneider announced today that Macon County residents need to be on the lookout for Caller ID “Spoofing.”  Spoofing is deliberately falsifying the telephone number and/or the name relayed on Caller ID to disguise the identity of the calling party.  Scammers use spoofing to make it appear as though they are calling from a law enforcement or other government agency, your bank, or credit card company. 


Macon County residents are currently being heavily targeted by callers claiming to be from the IRS, demanding payment for unpaid taxes.  Some of these calls, which are being placed from outside the United States, have been spoofed to show the Decatur Police Department on the Caller ID, with the scammers posing as police officers. 


Residents are advised to hang up if one of these calls is received, and to ignore any such answering machine messages demanding a return call.  If you suspect a scam is being attempted or has been committed, please call the Elder Fraud Hotline at 217-615-7582.  All calls are answered by State’s Attorney Jay Scott or Sheriff Thomas Schneider.





                                                                                                Jay Scott

                                                                                                Macon County State’s Attorney